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These paintings…

are created early in the morning
or late in the evening
on an old drafting table
a good friend gave me.
It’s positioned near windows
so I have a feel for the sky
and time of day,
and a view of the tree line
across the way.

Where crows call
to each other in the woods
and geese fly overhead,
Venus rising in the west—
finding their way
to where they want to be.

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 The butterfly.


These words.

Each painting has a title written directly onto it—either a simple phrase, a full poem, or a haiku—and the words are essential to the painting being complete. I share my explorations and compose new poetry on my blog.


 The mind bloom.


An enduring idea.

My first exhibit of 40 paintings, “The Mind Bloom," which took place over three months at the University of Michigan Matthaei Botanical Gardens was one of the best experiences of my life. The painting by that name was a special one and now hangs in a new home many states away but the idea behind it remains with me: always inspired by nature—combined with thought, memory, poetry, and feeling.

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 Wings folded for sleep…


My original paintings.
Custom framed.
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I invite you in. To get up close—both in front of the paintings in my gallery—and behind the scenes in my blog. And if interested, to select an original artwork.

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 The otherworld.



 Yes is the answer.



 Luck and beauty.



 I am nature.



The belief.

The belief_Photo9_JFarina_2500.jpg


Having stood in the open air…



And to all that will be, yes.