Remake the world...

Remake the world...


Every beautiful thing—
atomized, intertwining, immovable,
broken by water, 
growing flat on a tree,
flying overhead, 
in the deep crevices of a brown riverbed,
crushed underfoot,
disconnected and unknowable,
moving unseen, 
calling from trees in the night,
in the air of a conversation,
made by hands, wind, words, eye,
and whatever the mind is,
loose on the horizon at dusk,
electric in the east…

talking about heartbreak,
making up a story about being born,
feeling what it means to die,
having a memory of a walk through a town,
laughing and planning things to make,
collecting twigs and leaves 
and dried dead flowerheads
pockets full of them,
back at home…

not understanding love—
not even knowing the word.

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