Jennifer Farina

Have you ever found yourself “out looking for beauty”? By this I mean finding comfort, kinship, and meaning in seeing all kinds of things—really seeing them—giving them the full attention and the understanding they deserve. A new moon against an early evening sky, a train whistle in the still dark morning, a conversation with a friend, or even a loneliness that creeps in from time to time. 

It’s been my natural inclination to write poems and make paintings that give attention to the beauty in these everyday experiences. Over the past couple of years, that inclination has become more focused in my desire to share that expression—so I’ve started this business—JFarina Studio.

In addition to selling my original watercolor paintings, I intend to share my creative process of combining words and images to explore the inner and outer world. I hope that you find some beauty and meaning in this exploration as well.

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Phone: (248) 382-8698

JFarina Studio is located in Ann Arbor, Michigan, U.S.A.